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Running List of Excel Shortcuts in Windows

Running List of Excel Shortcuts in Windows

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·Feb 27, 2022·

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Table of contents

Key & Symbols

">" represents keys pressed sequentially (from left to right)

"+" represents keys pressed simultaneously



View shortcut navigation/selection keys

Press Alt to view shortcut navigation/selection keys on the Excel ribbon.

Hide/Unhide Ribbon

Ctrl + f1

"Full-page view"

Hide/Unhide ribbon, title bar, and status bar

Ctrl + Shift + f1

Context Menu

Shift + fn + f10

Update All Data

Ctrl + Alt + f5

Name Manager

Ctrl + f3

Group & Ungroup Columns/Rows

Select columns/rows to group then:


Alt > D > G > G or Shift + Alt + Right Arrow


Shift + Alt + Right Arrow

Hide & Unhide Rows

Hide Rows

Navigate to row then:

Ctrl + 9

Unhide Row

Select rows immediately adjacent to the hidden row then:

Ctrl + Shift + (

Hide & Unhide Columns

Hide Columns

Navigate to row then:

Ctrl + 0

Unhide Columns

Select rows immediately adjacent to the hidden row then:

Ctrl + Shift + )


Alt > 0 > C > U

Find and Replace

Alt > E > E

Copy Paste

Paste Special (after copy)

Alt > E > S

Paste Down

  1. Select cell pasting

  2. Extend selection to include where pasting it

  • Select All Down or Stepwise Select Down
  1. Ctrl + D

Selection & Navigation

Select All Cells of Certain Type (Go To Special)

fn + f5 > Special


Ctrl + G > Special

Entire Row

Shift + Space

Entire Column

Ctrl + Space

Select All Right

Ctrl + Shift + Right button

Select All Down

Ctrl + Shift + Down button

Select All Up

Ctrl + Shift + Up button

Stepwise Select Down

Shift + Down button

Select Multiple Data Regions

With a data region selected to select another data region, use Shift + f8

Hint: when using Shift + f8 don't use Ctrl + A to select data regions

Go To Top Left Cell

Alt + W + N



Trace Precedents

Alt > M > P

Trace Dependents

Alt > M > D

Remove All Trace Arrows

Alt > M > A > A

Show All

Alt > M > H


Format Cells

Ctrl + 1

Check Spelling In A Worksheet

fn + f7

Comments & Notes

Show All Comments

Alt > R > H > 1

Show All Notes

Alt > R > T > S

Create A Note

Shift + fn + f2


Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

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